To apply for housing at Bournemouth War Memorial Homes, please click on the link below

Our governing document defines who is able to benefit from the Charity:

Beneficiaries means former members of the Merchant Navy, former service personnel of the armed forces of the Crown, and their dependents with a preference given to those who reside or have resided in the Borough of Bournemouth.

Armed forces of the Crown means all regular, reserve and auxiliary units of the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and British Army.

In Need. Beneficiaries are required to demonstrate need, but this is broadly defined as, “in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage through the provision of accommodation.”

Click Here – Application Form

Forms can be uploaded to the contact form or returned by post. Return completed form and supporting documents to:
Estate Manager
Bournemouth War Memorial Homes
12a Woodsford Green
Castle Lane West

Any queries, please contact us using the information below or by writing to the address above

(01202) 302881

  • You will receive an email within 7 days of receipt of your application confirming eligibility for accommodation with BWMH
  • At this point if successful we will ask SSAFA to contact you to complete a Form A in support of your application
  • You are reminded of the importance of ensuring all information is accurate and complete.

To be able to access our service, the following eligibility criteria apply:-


  • Must be former Merchant Navy or Service personnel of the armed forces of the Crown and their dependents.
  • Must be in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.
  • Must be able to live independently, with or without help from outside agencies’
  • BWMH complies with its policy of Equal opportunities, Diversity and Anti-discriminatory Policy and Procedure and in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.
  • BWMH is open to all applicants who are ex service personnel irrespective of age, disability, gender including transgender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, and religion/belief.

BWMH ensures each case will be considered thoroughly and each applicant’s needs are assessed within the application process and the Trust Deed.  Potential tenants and facility are encouraged to visit the property to meet with the staff and other tenants before making a decision.

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