Testimonial by Caz

When we were fortunate enough to be offered a forever home at BWMH we thought all our birthdays had come at once! Since moving to Dorset , 6 years ago, we have both found it more difficult to get in and out of a bath.

I love growing things but make no claims as to being any sort of gardener, but this as well had become more of a chore than a pleasure. If we couldn’t get out for whatever reason we either watched TV or played video games because our view was red bricks.

Things are so different now. Since 14th May there is no grass for us to cut as that is taken care of and I have a large raised bed with enough room for a small greenhouse, some flowers & herbs as well as my little friends who moved in with me. Once we’ve been out and we are feeling the effects a shower to step into. And as for not being able to get out……..well let Caz’s pictures on the news page give you a hint.

All our neighbours have been so welcoming and we have settled right in. We feel safe and secure and know that if a problem should arise we need only contact the estate office. If we need a job doing that we are not able to do there is even a handyman service. There’s a newsletter to let you know about local events and if you like a bit of history Throop Mill is just a half hour (as long as you’re not a shutterbug like Caz) walk away!

Testimonial by Dawn

My husband and I moved into the BWMH in October 2009 at a time when my husband was no longer able to work due to his chronic condition.

We had no idea what the Bournemouth War Memorial Homes were, but I used to see the buildings everyday from the bus when I travelled to work and when the landlord of the flat we lived in informed us that he was selling it and we would have to move out, and as my husband had been in the army I suggested that we look up the Homes online. We did and then wrote a letter asking if we would be eligible for a flat when one became available.

To cut a long story short, we were called in for an interview, filled out all the applications and we were shown an empty semi-detached house and asked if we would like to move in there! Would we ever?!

My husband’s condition worsened over the years and he eventually needed a wheelchair to get around and was finding it difficult to go upstairs, so we put our names down on the list for a bungalow, should one become available. In 2016 we moved into one of the bungalows in Jewell Road.

I cannot express our gratitude enough to the Trust for all the guidance, advice and assistance they have given us. We know there are lots that they do behind the scenes to make every resident’s life as comfortable as possible, whilst still maintaining our independence.

Whilst my husband’s health will not improve – his mental wellbeing has improved dramatically and this is definitely because of the stability he feels living where we are.

Not a Care Home – but a community with people who care and my husband and I are eternally grateful.

Testimonial by Michael

I came to sunny Bournemouth in 1990 after leaving the Army.  Unfortunately, after 27 years I became ill and found myself struggling to keep my head above water.  I lost my job and then my house, quickly followed by my savings on rent.

SSAFA recommended I try Bournemouth War Memorial Homes for housing, but I didn’t hold out much hope.  I couldn’t of been more wrong!

I came to see them and was warmly welcomed.  They took me on a tour and within a short space of time I was offered a home and have never looked back.

Everyone is friendly and smiley.  I know all my neighbours names and often have a chat or a wave.  All of the staff bend over backwards to help, and nothing’s too much trouble.  I came home once and found a neighbour on a ladder cleaning out my gutters!  Everyone seems to chip in and help out if they can.

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